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Western boots and Cowboy boots for children

Small children’s boots don’t just catch the eye of lovers of Western style; Western boots and cowboy boots for kids look really gorgeous. Although their major feature is their fashionable character, Western riding boots for children make sense when it comes to real equestrian sports.

These children boots are then suitable for riding and also for everything else around stables and horses – they are great for letting off steam and playing. In addition, they are good as everyday shoes, as they are very robust, the way genuine quality leather boots for children should be. They also have a comfortable foot bed and are also suitable in some cases as winter boots.

Western boots and cowboy boots for children have become extremely popular, and Western riding boots for children in particular are attractive. They carry the true Western look and are available as welted leather boots, in some cases from exotic leathers.

In children’s boots in particular, you can see: high quality Western riding boots and Cowboy boots are still created with traditional shoemaking craftsmanship and are finished delicately and with great detail.

Not infrequently, it is real unique pieces that ultimately appear; just something really special. And because they are genuine quality leather boots, the boots are really good as children's shoes. They should always be weatherproof, robust, practical and comfortable.

Children’s Cowboy boots come in a host of different colours, with embroidery or applications. In particular, the leg and foot are should be carefully finished. This includes: foot bed, outer sole and insole.

Another plus: modern Western riding boots for children have an antibacterial insole, which you can usually even remove and wash. Famous for quality children’s Western riding boots are mainly the producers Tony Mora, Twisted X or Spanish, welted Cowboy boots for children.