Freedom, casualness and Wild West romance: No other boot conveys such an extraordinary wearing feeling and cool image as a high-quality cowboy boot made of leather. It gives everyday life an eccentric look, is the perfect companion for western riding and square dancing and also impresses with its durability and robustness. Depending on the manufacturer, Western boots are available in different designs, shapes and colours and can be combined with almost any outfit due to their versatility. As delicate bootees or ankle boots, they look elegant with a skirt or dress, as rustic boots they give every jeans and chino a particularly casual touch. To put it in a nutshell: the trendy boot from the myth-enshrouded waistcoat is a fashionable all-rounder and an absolute it piece for every wardrobe.

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  • Ariat
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Cowboy boot shop: The Wild West is just one click away

At our cowboy boots online shop, you can experience the myth of the Wild West up close and dive into the world of cowboys, marshals and trappers. You can shop online around the clock and look around in peace for a suitable Western boot, compare prices and equipment and search for specific brands. You will find cowboy boots from well-known labels like Sendra, Mezcalero, Rancho, Tony Mora or Buffalo; laced boots and cowboy boots to slip in; ladies' cowboy boots and men's cowboy boots. All models convince by their high quality, their extraordinary wearing comfort and the love for detail. Filigree decorations, buckles, decorative seams, fringes and ribbons make every boot unique. Our western riding boots are made exclusively of high-quality leather and are usually available in the classic western colours brown and black. In our online shop for cowboy boots you are guaranteed to discover your favourite model. If you have any questions regarding the right size or the material, we will be happy to help you. Just give us a call!

What makes a cowboy boot so special?

A cowboy boot or western boot is a sub-form of the classic riding boot and was originally worn mainly by cowboys. In the meantime, the fashionable boot has become very popular outside the world of riding due to its functionality and extraordinary appearance. The typical characteristics of the boots are:

  • a smooth, thin leather sole for a better stirrup feelingühl
  • a tapered toe to make it easier to get into the stirruprn
  • an upper made of strong cowhide leather that protects the foot from thorns and cow hornszt
  • a heel sloping to the rear to prevent the heel from tearing offn
  • a variable shaft height with stabilizing decorative seams
  • often a welted designrt

Style tips around the cowboy boot

Due to their eye-catching appearance, western boots usually act as eye-catchers and should rather be combined with plain clothing to avoid an exaggerated impression. Women who want to show off their new cowboy boots in the office are best advised to choose a discreet boot with no eye-catching details and combine it with blazer and plain fabric trousers. On Casual Friday you can wear your boots a little more extravagantly with a wrap skirt. In less traditional industries, men with boots can come into the office and let the tips of their boots shine out vaguely beneath the suit trousers. After all, such a change of style is a sign of courage and coolness. Especially suitable for the casual style mix are Sendra Boots, which score with their simple design and high comfort. For casual styling, a little more contrast is allowed. A robust leather boot harmonises well with a shirt dress or a tight skirt with blouse. Male asphalt cowboys mix Western style boots and shoes with bootcut jeans and a casual shirt. Also possible is a pair of jeans in a used look and a plain shirt.