Riding Boots

Riding boots are a must-have for any horse-lover

Riding boots or rider boots are a special form of boots, whose most distinguishing feature is their full-length, smooth sole. Normal shoes usually have a multi-part outer sole. In leather riding boots, however, this is undesirable, sometimes even dangerous because the boots can get caught in the stirrups. The smooth sole of riding boots also ensures you can get out of the stirrup without any hassle.

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Here in the shop you will find a fine selection of top-quality riding boots made of leather from the Spanish manufacturer El Estribo. Welted with an extremely flexible insole for added mobility and excellent comfort; the leather riding boots are available with dressage bow (dressage boots), with cuff and in the classic colours, brown and black.

Our tip: Rider boots are also ideal for use as a fashion boot.

Preppy Chic – How to spice up your riding boots

Leather riding boots cut a fine figure, because they make your legs look visually longer. With black and brown riding boots, you will always be well dressed. If you have a high-quality pair of riding boots in the wardrobe, you can in a flash turn a plain outfit with tight jeans or leggings into a sophisticated look. A simple shirt, blazer and belt with it or in winter, combined with a chunky knitted sweater, and you will be dressed like a fashion icon. At Fashion Boots, you can buy only top-quality riding boots - so we guarantee you the ultimate in comfort as you step out in style.

Types of riding boots

Dressage boots
Show-jumping boots
Polo boots
Western riding boots

Classic riding boots

The classic riding boot (dressage boot) has a very high leg with reinforcement on the outside. This boosts the stability of the lower leg, which against the softer inside of the leg ensures better leg contact to the horse. The dressage bow on the end of the leg is typical and makes the leg look even longer. Overall, leather riding boots are very slim cut; the high raised heel provides stability in the foot and allows spores to be attached. Riding boots are usually opened or closed using a zipper on the inside.

Show-jumping boots

Another form of the riding boot is the show-jumping boot – with no dressage bow and softer than the dressage boot. Show-jumping boots are often finished with a cuff of contrasting colour on the leg. Show-jumping boots are used when riding off-road. They are intended to protect people’s legs from branches and thorns.

Polo boots

Riding boots are also used in Polo. The leather riding boots are always brown for material reasons, for riding boots maintained with black shoe polish can leave stains on other white jodhpurs on contact with other players. This is why typical Polo boots are usually only cleaned with water and saddle soap. So if you see brown riding boots, these may well be Polo boots. These are always brown, never black, out of courtesy to other players.

Western riding boots

There are also wild riding boots in Western style, so-called Western riding boots. The well-known manufacturers/brands are Ariat and Boulet. Western riding boots are further cut with round last, very comfortable and with straight heel. The leg often features embroidery and the leather may be hallmarked.


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