Cowboy boots

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Classic Cowboy boots and Western boots

In this section, you will find above all the more "restrained" models, in other words traditional and classic Western boots, less playful and with no frills.

These Western boots all shine with absolute quality leather and strong robustness. They come in brown and black in classic colours and in classic cut forms. However, some ladies’ models stand out in shades of blue, red or white.

Fashion tips: Stylishly combine Cowboy boots In your everyday life
Extravagant: Exotic Cowboy boots

In addition to the laced boots, there are also some farm / ranch boots in the range, enhancing our Cowboy classics section.

To put it in a nutshell: Here we have all the Western Boots that are not too exotic and extravagant and do not distract with their fashionable character – just boots for real Cowboys and Cowgirls.

In our store you will find a large selection of Cowboy boots for ladies, and men of different, high-quality brands like Sendra Boots, Tony Mora, Buffalo Boots, Fashion Boots, Rancho Boots, Lucchese, Mayura Boots, Mezcalero Boots and lots more.

Some Western boots are also made from exotic materials. These exotic Cowboy boots from different types of leather, such as python or Manta are extremely unique and downright small works of art made of leather.

Browse through our selection of designs, colours and models!

The variety of looks and styles of cowboy boots is huge. Their design combines tradition with modern fashion elements and they have the characteristic individual and authentic charm. In addition to their great practical nature, they mainly set fashionable highlights and in some cases come with trims and decorative buckles.


This is how you stylishly combine Western boots
Not a matter of fashion, but style; Cowboy shoes or Western shoes are genuine boot classics. These types of boots have been worn for centuries and are an expression of a way of life, a lifestyle.

Of course there are a lot of people who just wear Western boots because they like them. Naturally enough, these boots do look really good and are really something special with their look and their welted design.

The classic Cowboy boot with heel and pointed last is by the way a model for many fashion boots.

Feminine and playful: Cowboy boots with a dress
Western Boots go excellently with airy, wide dresses. The clash in style every really sets off all the parts of the outfit. Very popular is the combination, floral dress, biker jacket and classic Cowgirl boots.

Western boots with skinny jeans or hot pants cut just as good a figure. Stars like Taylor Swift or Jessica Simpson show how great you can combine Cowboy boots.

Classic and sporty: Cowboy boots with jeans
Men still prefer to wear their Western boots with jeans and this combination still works well today. Back in the Wild West, men ran about like this and looked cool. Cowboy boots look particularly good with slightly tighter jeans. Excellent for Western boots with decorative leg that as a result comes particularly into its own. For the casual city look, we recommend a combination of T-shirt and chequered shirt.

Damn sexy: Cowboy boots with leggings & tights
Western boots are very well suited for emphasising beautiful women’s legs. The combination of Cowboy boots and leggings or tights and long shirt or short skirt is particularly sexy, but also very stylish at the same.


Classic cowboy boots originated in North America in the 17th century. The boots of farmers had high legs and thick soles to protect against dust and dirt, and were simply work boots, usually made of black, coarse leather.

The Cowboy shoes got their typical pointed shape at the end of the 17th century, when stirrups became narrower. But they remained what they were, work shoes - made of waxed or oiled easy-care leather with no frills.

In our shop: Classic Western boots from among others
• Sendra Boots
• Tony Mora
• Lucchese
• Mayura Boots

Their flashy relatives, the fashion Cowboy boots with numerous applications and decorative stitching and using exotic leathers only came into fashion in America at the end of the 19th century.


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