Riding boots

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Game for anything – our riding boots for women

"No hour of life is wasted that is spent on the back of a horse" - this saying tells it as it is: horse riding is a way of life! Of course you also need a riding boot that supports the sport both from a technical and fashion perspective. Our shop offers ladies who love horses a huge range of fashionable riding boots. Whether dressage boots, jumping boots, polo boots or Western riding boots - leather riding boots for women at Fashion Boots are an absolute delight and make the ride more enjoyable. At Fashion Boots, we offer classic riding boots of the brand El Estribo and wild Western riding boots by Ariat, Boulet, Durango, Lucchese, Sendra Boots, Twisted X Boots and Tony Lama.

The classic riding boots for ladies feature a special shape and texture. Unlike other boot models with a profile on the sole, riding boots have a full-length, flat sole. This is useful, as you can easily get out of the stirrup without getting caught. The ladies riding boots from El Estribo offer a high degree of comfort and give you plenty of room for movement on the horse.

No horse? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have elegant riding boots!

Riding boots are slim cut and cut a fine figure - even if you have no horse. Riding boots and ankle boots have now arrived in fashion and can enrich your outfit. High-quality leather riding boots, made from selected materials, automatically make an outfit elegant. Riding boots with a zipper allow you to get them on and off easily. However, you will also find riding boots with laces. Depending on the outfit, one or the other variant may look better. The styling options with Classic riding boots for ladies are manifold, but most styles go in the elegant direction. You can for example combine our riding boots with tight-fitting jeans, or even better with leggings. You will automatically look elegant and sexy at the same time with the long leg. Whether with a shirt-dress, a blouse combined with a blazer or in winter with a chunky knitted sweater and with padded riding boots – you can prove you have a sense of style even on a horse. Maybe you can you try our extremely stylish riding ankle boots of the El Estribo brand. You won’t be disappointed.

What are the differences in riding boots?

There are several differences in riding boots for ladies because the different riding disciplines require different models. Here you will find a little guide to help you distinguish between the different riding boots for ladies within the individual disciplines:

Classic riding boots for ladies (dressage)
A major feature of classic dressage boots are is their high leg with reinforcement on the outside. This ensures a firm hold of the lower leg. The inside of the leg on the other hand is soft - so you have better leg contact with your horse. The dressage bow on the leg end makes your legs look even longer. Stability in the foot is provided by the raised heel cap, which allows you to fit spores.

Show-jumping boots for ladies
The show-jumping boot is all in all slightly softer than the classic riding boot for ladies. It is used for off-road rides and to protect the leg of the wearer from branches and thorns. In show-jumping boots, the dressage bow is missing. Often, the riding boots are offset with a cuff of contrasting colour on the leg.

Polo boots for ladies
We have the classic riding boot in the colours black and brown. Brown leather riding boots are usually worn when playing Polo, as riding boots maintained with black shoe polish, leave stains on the player’s white clothing. The choice of the colour brown in Polo is therefore more a matter of courtesy.

Western riding boots for ladies
For ladies who like it a little wilder, there are also Western riding boots. They are cut a little bit wider and appear at first glance much rougher and more rustic. They have a straight heel, are extremely comfortable and often feature trims and embroidery on the leg.


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