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Vanzetti – Craftsmanship for belts & Co. Made in Germany

The Italian-sounding name hides, surprisingly, German craftsmanship. The Vanzetti brand is the basic label of the traditional Swabian family business Philipp Bazlen GmbH, headquartered in Metzingen, which has been run in its third generation, for over 30 years, under the name of BGM and manufacturing trendy leather goods.

The family business Philipp Bazlen was been founded back in 1899. Originally a saddlery that produced technical leather products, later continued by the son Max Balzen and further developed. The family business is one of the leading manufacturers of belts and accessories in Germany and can look back on years of experience in the manufacture of leather goods. The skilled craftsmanship of the employees is perfected by computer-controlled sewing and riveting machines and modern machinery.

Vanzetti belts and accessories are now sold worldwide, throughout Europe and in countries like New Zealand and Australia. You can buy Vanzetti accessories either online or in the store in the Outlet City Metzingen.

Vanzetti, where trend meets tradition

The Vanzetti brand, headquartered in Metzingen (Germany), is a prime example of the fact that trends and tradition are not mutually exclusive. Vanzetti questions the disposable trends in the sector and has maintained its position through what nowadays is seen as a contradictory approach. They combine the values trend and tradition, consistency and innovation, sustainability and success, as well as loyalty to location and flexibility. The young design team at Vanzetti recognise trends early and try to actively shape such trends. They regularly attend international fashion fairs for inspiration and to constantly keep one step ahead.

Vanzetti always pays attention to the high quality of materials and sustainable production. The leather, the closures and fittings are, for example, sourced exclusively from environmentally sustainable certified suppliers. The high quality leather comes from countries like Italy, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

In these days of globalisation, more and more production sites are shifted to cheaper production sites abroad, in China or Eastern Europe,- not so at Vanzetti. The subsidiary of the company BMG remains loyal to the German location and can therefore rightly claim that they work, day by day, following the motto "Quality Made in Germany".

Vanzetti belts, wallets and bags

Vanzetti accessories set stylish accents and are a real eye-catcher, whether they are hot new trend pieces or timeless classics.

Vanzetti Belts offer a wide range of designs. We offer you both classic ladies and men’s belts that look fantastic with their simple design, in shades of brown and black with simple buckle, and fashionable belts in various colours and patterns plus strass belts, studded belts, braided belts, hip belts, excess length belts and lots more. The soft calf’s leather and high-quality metal parts make the belt look visually attractive, and long-lasting due to their high-quality production.

In our shop, we also offer you men's and ladies purses and bags of the Vanzetti brand. Men’s wallets are timelessly elegant, simply decorated and come in the colours dark brown and black. Ladies receive a wide range of colours and shapes from us. With us you will find a wide range: from classic ladies purses made of calf’s leather, with snake finish in brown, red and grey, purses in black with chain, through to unusual models in clutch finish. You’ll be surprised!

In addition to the diverse range of belts and purses, you will also find a select range of leather bags by Vanzetti. Here too there are different models for each type; sometimes classically elegant, or with studs or fringes.

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