Engineer Boots

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Robust, more robust Engineer boots

In the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s they were already big business; Engineer boots. Now they are about to start their worldwide dominant march on the feet again. They are also called worker boots or work boots. Rough shoes combined with elegant outfits are all the rage - especially with ladies. This change in style is a real statement – that of course the stars are into. Jessica Alba loves combining work boots with loose street wear, Madonna's young daughter Lourdes in glam rock style with a party dress and leather jacket.

The robust Engineer boots or work boots were originally working shoes that were worn by British dock and industrial workers. Even soldiers and police officers had a high opinion of the shoe, which was well received by the supporters of youth movements such as mods, punks, grunge and Gothics from the 1960s onwards. As a sign of solidarity with the labour movement, the Engineer boots stood and still stand to a certain extent for rebellion and protest. So work boots have to be able to endure. Rough, black and high-laced – that is what a work boot should look like. There are of course also models in brighter colours – as long as they are cool! We have something for every taste in our shop.

Rough Engineer boots for every situation in life

Classic examples of work boots and engineer boots are CATWORK or the boots by Red Wing. The designation work boots describes all those shoes, which are intended as a functional shoe and are regarded as particularly robust. They usually reach above the ankle and also offer protection against the cold and water in the winter. Engineer boots are solid leather shoes with a good, gripping sole and sometimes come with a steel toecap. Work boots are the fashionable descendants of working boots and military boots, which were originally intended purely for practical purposes. Similar to the Engineer boots and Biker boots, Worker boots have taken their place in the fashion world.

Work Boots as a fashion statement

Work boots and biker boots have since become very popular, to give a specific look a different twist. They give a feminine and elegant style with Engineer boots a casual, exciting character. With the right accessories, that can then go in the rock, sporty or urban direction. But the gentlemen of the species can also be seen in Engineer boots and in no way play second fiddle to the ladies. Casual with jeans, they are also fully in vogue with the rough Engineer boots for men.

The best known are the classical representatives like Timberland, Red Wing and CAT Workv Boots. In addition to their fashion character that they radiate, they have especially a reputation for being particularly durable and robust. These are absolutely convincing properties. Engineer boots are now just part of the everyday wardrobe. Traditional Work boots were worn by men but nowadays they have become standard as a trendy fashion accessory for women with skinny jeans or leggings. Work boots are often laced boots of high-quality, smooth leather. Many have a padded leg and are lined inside with breathable materials. For wear comfort, most Work boots have a comfort midsole. The lacing and tab makes many models extremely practical when it comes to getting them on and off. They often have a classic, round foot shape, comfortable lasts and soft leather upper. Engineer boots soles are special rubber soles that are particularly resistant to abrasion and slip resistant.

Engineer Boots – A perfect symbiosis of fashion and function

These boots offer the complete package: Ultimate comfort, protection and durability and a fashion statement. Often they are even advertised as the "longest lasting boots ever". The shoes are often worn in farm work and all outdoor activities. Handmade in the USA is another criterion that can be highlighted. It stands for quality shoes with a history.


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