Exotic Boots

As if from another world – exotic boots at Fashion Boots

Lovers of Western style and unusual, high-quality leather products are often looking for boots in exotic leather, like snake skin boots in all colours and shapes. At Fashion Boots you will find a wide range of exotic boots. Our exceptional, rare leathers like snakeskin or lizard skin (also caiman or skate) bring a great deal of exclusivity. They catch the eye and are very unique.

Exotic Boots often exude a sense of luxury and are immediately associated with distant countries because they are so different. Exotic cowboy boots come in all imaginable facets and the different types of leather and processing capabilities allow a lot of leeway. All colours and shapes, from classic to wild, from fashion to Western style, are possible.

Exotic boots only with producer warranty!

Our exotic Cowboy boots have been made from leather, which may come from protected animal species. Our boots all have an original certificate of breeding for the animal guaranteed by the respective producer.

We can offer you the following exotic leathers:

• Python – snake skin • Eel
• Ostrich leather
• Lizard leather
• Cobra - snake skin
• Manta leather (ray)
• Caiman leather
• Shark skin

Exotic boots are a real eye-catcher

Exotic Boots from exotic leathers like caiman leather, ostrich leather or python make the already unusual Western Boots exceptional.

Whereas previously cowboy boots were made entirely of calf’s leather and had more the attitude of a work shoe, Western Boots are now genuine Fashion Boots, which is also reflected in the significant increase in the range of models.

Exotic Cowboy boots are something for individualists, who care little for conventions. Exotic Boots made of lizard skin and snake skin serve this clientele excellently. For not everyone has boots like these. There are even Western boots made of eel, stingray and ostrich leather.

Exotic Cowboy boots come in natural colour and dyed as well. Especially in combination with cowhide or goatskin, the exotic leather applications are often lacquered to match colours for a tone-on-tone finish.

While men usually wear the exotic boots with jeans, women have the option of putting them on with a calf-length skirt, sexy hot pants or their favourite denim. Here exotic Western ankle boots are particularly popular. No matter what the outfit: exotic boots are always a real eye-catcher. And you need not be shy - either you let the boot do the talking and make it the centre-piece of your outfit or you do like the great rock stars of our history and go wild. This will make you the exotic thing in the big city.

Looking after exotic leather properly

Good leather care makes exotic Western boots lifelong companions that really don’t mind the odd trace of wear. On the contrary: Western boots really only become individual and interesting when they have been worn. In the shop we have the best care products for exotic leather to make sure your Exotic boots actually retain their beauty for a lifetime. For exotic leather, there are special waxes and sprays. These maintain and preserve the natural appearance and structure and are dirt and water repellent.


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