Dance Boots

Do you want to dance? Go line dancing with Dance boots

The Western and Cowboy lifestyle is truly a whole attitude to life, which relates to many areas of life. Lovers of this culture, even if they do not work as a real Cowboy on a ranch, are often interested in the areas of equestrian sport, country music, Western movies, trips to America, are active in the biker scene or in line dancing or other Western dancing. There the right gear with the appropriate clothing, among other things, Dance boots (usually laced boots for the ladies and rough Western boots for the men), is of course, a must! Line Dance exercises a huge fascination, alone due to the fact that it also functions as a group dance. You just can’t link any better the passion for the music, the movement and shared experience with other people, who also (but not necessarily) love the Western style. All the better if you feel comfortable in your clothes and wear cosy Dance boots while dancing that support your own hobby, without any annoying blisters on your feet.

What is Line Dance?

Western Dance and Country Music are rich in tradition and very well known especially in the US. Line Dance and Western Square Dance are the most popular dance forms and are both very modern and on the other hand also regarded as original folk dances. Both dance forms are different from each other! Many group dances have their origin in folk dances. Line Dance is the modern evolution (as a show dance) of such a folk dance and became modern particularly during the 20th century. Of course you also want to make a good impression in the show dance. Our range of chic Dance boots will make sure you cut a fine figure.

Originally Line Dance was probably introduced via European emigrants to the USA, and mixed with other cultural influences. Viewed in this light, Western dances have therefore developed from Irish and Scottish dances or from the polka.

What is so special about it?
The special thing about Line Dance is that people dance individually and in groups regardless of gender and in different formations. Dancers move forward in rows and lines and beside each other to a choreography on the dance floor. The music is mostly country but also modern pop or rock music.

Dance floor etiquette
There is a dance floor etiquette and courtesy rules that you should consider when line dancing. This includes everyone on the dance floor having enough space, as well as general courtesy towards all dancers. There is etiquette that also means no chatting, smoking or drinking on the dance floor. And: very important: always walk around the edge of the dance floor; never just walk across it while others are still dancing.

Ladies tend to go for Western laced boots because these give very good support, can be adapted flexibly and are very fashionable, precisely in the Western style.

Men may also go for more robust, more masculine Cowboy boots or Western boots if they like, but you have to make sure that they fit perfectly and the sole is stable. Western boots in the old style are good as Line Dance boots but also those from the field of fashion.

Line Dance shoes / Line Dance dance shoes / Square Dance shoes

If you do Line Dancing or other forms of Western dancing as a hobby, there is no special dress code (for professional dancers in a tournament, specific dance boots are required in some cases) and everyone can choose the right dance footwear. For true professionals and lovers, Country Dance of course includes Cowboy Boots, belt with decorative buckle, bolo tie (a kind of tie made of leather cord) and cowboy hat as well.

But basically: you can wear any shoe or boot that you can dance in, but most people still focus on the following points:

• The Dance boots should provide a good hold
• It should match the Western or Cowboy style
• It should have a robust and non-slip leather sole. Shoes or boots with rubber soles and barefoot or open-toed shoes are taboo
• The heels of the Dance Boots or Line Dance dance shoes should never be too high, except where you are sure that you will be able to really dance well in them
• Overall it should be trendy but very comfortable


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