Western Riding Boots

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The nature of Western riding is wild and free – so you need the right Western riding boots!

Western riding is modelled on how Cowboys work and has its origins in America. Back then, a cowboy had to spend hours in the saddle every day. They rode with one hand because they were holding their lasso in the other hand. So what they really needed was a reliable horse. On top of that, they needed convenient and especially practical equipment - for example, a comfortable saddle and good footwear.

Western riding is an expression of freedom. Western riding boots are similar to Western riding - these are essentially tougher and wilder than their delicate sisters, dressage riding boots. As for the look, they are much more colourful and feature more trims than the classic riding boots in brown and black.

The individual boot models are as different as the individual disciplines in Western riding. Western riding boots for men and ladies can often be recognised by their beautiful decorative stitching and colourful leathers - some models are simply colourful and feature different ornaments, other models show the origin of Western riding boots, their homeland - the United States, with stars and stripes or Texan flag. In our shop you will find a wide selection of Western riding boots for men and for ladies.

Western riding boots now going down well with more than just horse lovers

Western riding is becoming increasingly popular in Europe but not only riders are familiar with Western riding boots for ladies and men by Ariat, Boulet, Durango, Justin Boots, Sendra Boots, Twisted X Boots and Tony Lama. In the winter, in particular, they are ideal as work and leisure shoes (even as children's shoes) due to their characteristics.

Western riding boots for ladies, men and children feature a rustic look and various colour combinations and trims like embroidery or hallmarking the leather. Western riding boots, however, are not only an eye-catcher for young and old; from a comfort point of view, the boots are a dream and cause a stir even without a horse. If the more rustic Western look is what you are after, you will certainly find it among our selection of Western riding boots. You can combine Western riding boots for ladies with casual jeans, leggings or with a plain dress and enhance any plain outfit. Western boots for men likewise go well with jeans.

Our Western riding boot brands

Our brands are professionals in their field and offer some fancy designs and colours. The real benefit of Western riding boots compared to Fashion Cowboy boots (link) or classic show-jumping or dressage riding boots or even purely fashionable riding boots is that they are so versatile. They are ideal for horse riding, for work and for anything that needs done around the stables. A lot of movement, especially in winter when there is plenty of cold and snow is not a problem either. In addition, Thinsulate ensures that you do not sweat in the summer in the Western riding boots. With the various branded boots in our shop, you just can’t go wrong.


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