Cowboy Booties

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Small but ”oho“ – Cowboy ankle boots

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West. For a long time now, experienced cowboys and cowgirls have not just been into the same horse - or in this case no longer just the classic cowboy boots, but instead into their little sister, so to speak, the pony of Cowboy boots: the Cowboy ankle boot. Our Fashion Boots Online Shop has a fantastic array of Cowboy ankle boots. This small Western ankle boots raises the style factor of high cowboy boots to new heights, while ensuring robustness and the ultimate in wearing comfort and they come in classic in brown and black, with a host of different trims in bright colours or pastel tones. Apart from the wide range, nowadays Cowboy boots are no longer just a must-have for Western fans; even fashion lovers and fashionistas have been hooked by the half-high boots.

Our shop features Cowboy boots of the brands Corral Boots, Lucchese, Mezcalero Boots, Boots Mayura, Silverio Lima, Sendra Boots, Tony Mora and also from our own brand Fashion Boots. We offer you not only a variety of brands, but also a wide range of styles. Those who like to take it easy, wear brown, black, white or grey Cowboy boots on smooth leather, suede or buckskin. For those who feel a little more daring, there is the option of Cowboy boots in bright colours like turquoise, red, pink, or you can have a look at our certified exotic versions. You see, at Fashion Boots you will also find exciting models made of ostrich leather, snake skin, lizard skin and many other materials. Come and see us and let us surprise you!

A little guide – how to really dress up those Cowboy ankle boots

It is no surprise that the Wild West is always a favourite theme in the fashion industry. The country look suggests a sense of freedom and adventure. But how do you really dress up that Cowboy or Cowgirl look? Don’t worry, thanks to hip Cowboy boots, you can leave and horse and lasso in the wardrobe. The small ankle boot on its own is enough to add a magical touch of the West to the outfit. If you are looking for something more, you can complement the Western look with matching accessories like hats, Western belt and leather bag - but you don’t have to.

The Cowboy ankle boot is proof that things don’t always have to be super serious in fashion and there are few boots that make such a huge impression on the legs with such little effort. Ladies can combine their Cowboy ankle boots casually either with jeans and tank top or T-shirt, but be careful not to wear jeans that are too baggy and roll the jeans up a bit, to really set the boots off. You can also combine the Cowboy ankle boots with a summer dress or romantically with a mini skirt or flutter skirt or cut-off shorts.

Our male Cowboy ankle boots wearers are also very free in the choice of outfit. The general rule is, you shouldn’t take these small casual shoes too seriously. In suit trousers and Co. they only feel half as good – you’d be better combining them casually with jeans. After all, Cowboy boots combined with denim really look the part. How "colourful and bright" you want your outfit to be is up to you in this case. You can go for the relaxed version in brown leather or stand out from the crowd with decorated or colourful models. Whatever you decide to do – don’t forget to have fun and always remember that there is a good reason why the Wild West stands for freedom


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