Biker Boots

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Biker Boots (…)

Rustic appearance and functionality are the most salient features of the popular Biker boots and Engineer boots. Biker boots usually have a square shape and Biker buckles on the instep and on the leg. Their leather and sole are strong and durable and, of course, are particularly suitable for motorcycling. Here they offer a high degree of protection and grip. This is guaranteed by their fit, their steel caps and the oil-resistant sole.

Rustic appearance, square shape and Bikers buckles on the instep – these are the main features of Biker shoes that are particularly popular among motorcyclists. But Biker boots are no longer just footwear for tough guys; our exotic Biker boots made of snake or lizard skin in particular tend to be more fashionable highlights and an absolute eye-catcher.

Biker boots - at least since the grunge look, they have found their place in the fashion world and are no longer just pure functional boots.

It is important to distinguish between motorcycle and Biker boots. The former are purely functional boots, designed mainly to protect the motorcyclist. Biker boots on the other hand combine fashion and functionality. Their robust design and the materials used make them extremely durable and perfect for motorcycling. But they are also visual highlights: most biker boots are usually square in shape and feature biker buckles on the instep and on the leg. But it is not only the classic Biker shoe that has conquered the fashion world, its little brother, the ankle boot, is starting to fascinate more and more women and men. The mid-cut boot has a classic biker look and is fashionably versatile. Women in particular have discovered the Biker ankle boot for themselves. Excellent grip, a strong profile, robust leather, in some cases steel caps, square shape and biker buckles - these are the essential features of a good biker boot. In our shop we offer a wide range of this rock footwear.

What distinguishes Biker boots?

Biker boots are now also firmly established in the fashion sector. In addition to the rocking boots, Biker boots are very popular, especially in the summer.

The characteristic features of a Biker boot are:

• form, truncated square form
• Biker strap over the instep or leg, slip-on aids oil-resistant, non-slip soles - Slip resistance is extremely important for Biker shoes. The shoes must really offer a good grip.
• strong profile
• sturdy leather
• breathable inner material / textile membrane
• in some cases steel toecaps
• the typical Biker buckles
• foam padding inside
• boot leg - a solid shaft also ensures a secure grip and firm stand.