Strong Desert Vintage

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Strong Desert Vintage – Strong leather goods Made in Germany

Strong Desert Vintage stands for high quality leather belts. Unlike as the name suggests, this is a German company. The Strong Desert Vintage brand is part of the traditional Swabian family business Philipp Bazlen GmbH, headquartered in Metzingen. The company, now in its 3rd generation, produces all types of leather goods and was renamed BGM 30 years ago.

Founded in 1899, the family business Philipp Bazlen was originally a saddlery that produced technical leather products. Later, son Max Bazlen took over the company from his father and developed the production further.

In Germany, the family is one of the leading manufacturers of leather and can look back on a past full of tradition. Nowadays, the company combines computerised sewing and riveting machines and modern machinery with the craftsmanship expertise of leather specialists to manufacture its high-quality products.

Strong Desert Vintage belts are synonymous throughout the world with longevity, top quality and attractive design. Strong Desert Vintage belts are available both online and in-store in the Outlet City in Metzigen about 50 Km south of Stuttgart.

Strong Desert Vintage belts – if you’ve got one, you’ll want them all!

The product range of Strong Desert Vintage belts is overwhelming. You will find items for every taste, and also for any occasion.

The repertoire ranges from everyday, through evening to decorative belts. The one thing that doesn’t change is the outstanding quality.

And the different models do not just include colour choices. In addition to black, anthracite, grey, brown, cognac, blue and burgundy, Strong Desert Vintage belts come in trendy colours like purple and turquoise, and also in modern colour mixes like grey/pink and fully patterned or in graffiti look.

The quality of the leather is unbeatable, but even when it comes to leather, there are various options. If you like stylish leather belts to go with your suit and suede belt with distressed look for your jeans! - No problem at Strong Desert Vintage.

Trendsetters will also find what they are looking for at Strong Desert Vintage. There are products with simple stitching for the office matching the colour of your blouse or your shirt and belts with seams that are finished to striking, different coloured patterns.

No one can resist studded belts in a host of different designs. So you will be an eye catcher at any party with a Strong Desert Vintage belt studded with strass stones or turn into a sexy vamp with a subtle studded belt.

Recently BGM’s label Strong Desert Vintage belts has also been producing belts with embossed designs like stars, palm trees and other floral patterns. But even braided belts keep coming back into fashion and match current trends in their metallic look.

Strong Desert Vintage belts – Fasten your belts please!

We have all experienced this you have found the perfect belt, but it has a significant flaw: the wrong buckle. Not so with Strong Desert Vintage, they have everything your heart desires: plain in silver or gold, brushed, polished, with trim or pressure, single-spur and double-spur with trendy gimmicks or sparkling for girls.

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