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Stetson – an institution of American history

The Stetson Company was founded in 1865, when John B. Stetson, the son of a hatter headed west, and invented the "hat of the West" or the first Western hat. Over the years, Stetson became the world’s largest hatter. Stetson’s origin goes back by the way to the Mexican vaquero culture (the first Cowboys in America) and is thus a part of American history and the foundation stone of the Stetson brand, which nowadays manufactures not only hats but also perfumes, clothes, shoes and belts.

Whether simple or with decorations – Stetson belts are a real eye-catcher

At Fashion Boots, you will find belts and buckles of the Stetson brand. However, the Western belts don’t just delight Cowboys and diehard Western fans; the tip quality Stetson belts are a real eye-catcher. Whether as a statement piece with a casual outfit or as the perfect complement to Cowboy boots and Co.; whether classic in brown or black with simple silver belt buckle, or with various features like rivets and elaborate buckles - Stetson belts have a model to suit every taste.

With Stetson buckles, you will be spoiled for choice

Alongside the belts, we also offer buckles of the Stetson brand. These buckles are interchangeable belt buckles that allow the wearer to change the look of the belt, depending on the outfit. Stetson buckles are the perfect accessory for the authentic Western look and very popular with Cowboys and Cowgirls. Stetson Buckles come in a variety of designs. With one outfit, you can for example choose a plainer Stetson buckle with silver ornaments, with another outfit a Stetson buckle with unusual Western motifs like buffalo skulls, crosses and stars. Depending on your taste and mood, you will be spoiled for choice at Stetson.

The styling variants are manifold

Often you can tell a person's character by their look. However, many of us love playing with our appearance and reinvent ourselves every day. The possibilities for this are given with Stetson belts and the exchangeable Stetson buckles. However, you can’t just work with the individual looks of the belts and buckles; the outfit combinations are endless. Of course you can classically pull off the Cowboy or Western look but you can play with the look and set deliberately breaks.

Whether you’re a Cowgirl, rocker babe or style icon – you can spice up the Stetson belts

Our ladies can, for example combine a coarse belt with a large buckle with a light or plain summer dress. This places the belt at the centre, giving the outfit a certain something. Or you combine the Stetson belt and buckles with black skinny jeans, black boots and rocking shirt à la Kiss. If anyone finds both variants too flashy, they can combine a simple studded belt with classic blue jeans – whether with a shirt or blouse or wide-meshed sweater - even in everyday use, a well-dressed choice.

Not only Cowboys are into Stetsons – Our appeal to the men: Try it out and play with your look!

Anyone who thinks that ladies are ahead in terms of combinations is wrong. The gentlemen of the speices also cut a fine dash in Stetson belts and buckles and are very trendy. As with the ladies, you can’t go wrong with the classic Western look, in lumberjack shirt, blue jeans, boots and thick buckle. However, you can also try out a few style breaks. With tight-fitting jeans, plain or funky shirt - depending on your mood - and cosy sneakers, the Stetson can bring out the Dandy in you. Or you can "pimp" your plain office look a little. Have fun and go for it!

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